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Are we what we think?
This question has been strongly debated with no black and white
answer proven. It is almost like asking does the mind rule us and do we
rule our mind?
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What would happen if you were
the ultimate force in your life...
if what you believed, determined your outcome?
Why do we struggle with self-acceptance? What makes an
individual believe they are less than another? Who determines
what is of value?
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Are You Looking To Change?

Explore how this can happen today


Are you suffering from disempowering mindsets such as depression, anxiety or fears?

Perhaps you want to overcome a disempowering behaviour like an addiction, smoking or even food cravings that lead to weight-gain and poor health.

Maybe you need help with self-esteem or how to deal with a difficult relationship either in your family, friends, work or social situation.

Kerry Deller provides a safe and confidential environment combined with the therapeutic process for you to overcome the mindsets or behaviours that are holding you back from being the person you want to be – giving you the space to gain clarity, understanding, perspective, direction, confidence and peace.

With over 30 years’ experience in various aspects of the caring industries, Kerry now focuses on empowering your connection with yourself and others to understand and overcome:

Addictions or Substance Abuse
Anger Management
Anxiety or Fears
Borderline Personality Disorder
Child or Adolescent Issues
Chronic Pain or Illness
Dissociative Disorders
Domestic Abuse or Violence
Eating Disorders
General Depression and Anxiety
Life Transitions
Workplace Conflict
Sexual Abuse
Teen and /family crises

Phone 07 3162 7041 to discuss any questions you might have regarding taking your first step in empowering your choice to change with The Conscious Psychologist – Kerry Deller.   Alternate mobile number:  0418154128