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Identifying Behaviours That Disempower:

In an attempt to overcome deeper psychological challenges it is common to engage in a range of behaviours.

Some decrease or deflect the pain by increasing the momentarily pleasure.

Some behaviours have more serious consequences that may not have the same intensity of pleasure.

It is more common to focus on the later as their consequences are not so easily camouflaged. Often they compromise the quality of our life and therefore become the focus of what is deemed to be the problem.

These behaviours are often described on a continuum based on their impact. For some these behaviours are not linked to the deeper need. They can go years before any major consequences are identified.

The link between behaviour and outcomes is often camouflaged.

It is the consequence that leads to deeming the behaviour no longer as valuable.

Usually by the time this process occurs, the quality of life has been markedly reduced. Often with some form of health or personal crises dominating the focus.

The range of behaviours is extensive. Some of the more commonly acknowledged behaviours fall into the following categories:

To Overcome these behaviours requires understanding what drives them.

Attempting to stop the behaviour without dealing with the source often has limited affect.

Therapy provides a range of resources to empower you to overcome more than the behaviour. Addressing the source of what drives the behaviour is what empowers the individual.

Therapy is provided within an accepting and non-judgemental context.

Psycho-education is balanced with various Therapy modalities including CBT, IPT, Psychodynamic, Hypnosis and Neurolingisutic Programing.

Once external challenges are assessed and contained, it is possible to address the deeper needs. These needs reside within the unconscious mind.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to work with the unconscious mind.

Working with a reputable well trained and experienced psychologist who has the knowledge and skill to integrate hypnotic process allows this balance.

Individuals benefit from knowing their desire to change is supported by understanding, solid knowledge, practical resources and therapeutic skills.

When now would be a great time to start this process?

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