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What Matters

What Matters

This world is currently fixated on a downward spiral of doing to achieve fulfilment.

While true fulfilment can only be experienced by being present and knowing who we are in the world we live within.  Knowing for what purpose we live within this world.

The big question we all want answered is :  ”What is the true meaning of life.?”  we have mistakenly watered this down to a more lower level form of focusing on:  ”How can i met my needs? Therefore,How do I;  feel safe and secure in the world I live.”  the unconscious equation that goes with this mindset includes the following variables:

            “Iff I meet my needs then i will have the opportunity to fulfil myself. ” 

What would happen, if we at least reversed the order of these variables?….. and said:

When we glance around our lives we note commonly how much stuff we either have or don’t have.

Often we have over glorified these “things” as deemed responsible for meeting our true needs.  “IF only I can do this, have that.. then i will be able to achieve this and therefore be happy”

Yet when we explore this equation; in hindsight we realise, that when we actually reached that milestone, rarely did it bring what we thought.  More often than not it created a need for more.  The realisation that the outcome was merely a drop in a much bigger bucket.

This dynamic is commonly called “being on the rat wheel of life“.  Like the rat running round and round, believing it is going somewhere, when in actual fact; the only thing that is really moving is its feet and the wheel.

Basically the points of contact are the only stimulation occurring.

No wonder so many people cite they feel nothing is really changing..

The only thing that changes is our perception.

If we step back and look through another lens, we can clearly see the rat is being driven by his perceived need for fulfilment…..The illusion is created by the cheese that is just in front of the wheel.

What would it take to hop off the wheel and head directly over to the cheese. 

The answer is simple.  Stop what you are doing, and look from a different perspective beyond the drivers of the perceived need.

A better question to ask could be:

Q:  “What is it that i truly desire? “

followed by:

Q:  “For what purpose do i desire it – what do i want to experience/feel?”  

When we go beyond the perceived outcome to our identified desired feelings…..  We open to endless possibilities of how we can experienced our life!

So stretch for this session:

1.  Momentarily step away from all that you do

2.  Let go of the perceived tasks that will achieve the outcomes.

3.  Connect with what you truly desire

4.  Explore for what purpose you desire these things

5.  Map out the multitude of options to creating that pathway

6.  Start imagining how amazing your life will be with these outcomes


I trust this little blog is helpful.  Should you desire support on this pathway, please feel free to contact me to explore options on how we can create that.

Remember that Life is for living and the best way to live is to be present and enjoy the experience.






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