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Communication Processes

Effective Communication is the Key

Good communication provides the opportunity to express oneself and allows others to connect with you.

There are many parts to communicating. The key focus is often on what we say. However research highlights words have a limited influence on what is received.

Two of the other major influences are our tonality and body language. These components are usually driven by internal processes such as how we feel about our self and others.

In essence good communication is all about you, the individual. How you send and received information. There are many skills that can be learnt. However what is being reflected is your authenticity. The more connected you are to you – the more others will be able to connect to you, and you with them.

Conflict often arises as a consequence of misunderstanding. This can be due to differing values that are being communicated in an uncomfortable way. This discomfort can be increased by a sense of needing to prove your point, gain respect or power. These needs disempower our ability to be heard effectively. Decreasing our sense of connection, confidence, and interpersonal fulfillment.

Therapy provides the opportunity to learn good communication skills, understand oneself and the forces driving how you connect with others.

An investment in refining these process will last a lifetime. Good communications benefit in many ways. The sense of clarity you provide in expressing your model of the world opens the door to resolving many issues. Just imagine how your life will be when you are free to openly express who you truly are.

Make your appointment today to take the first step in connecting with you in a more enriching and fulfilling way.

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