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How To Start the Process

The process of therapy starts with making an appointment.

At the first appointment initial administrative paperwork and assessment is accompanied by negotiating a treatment process. For some this is a week by week commitment, for others a 6-10 session agreement. This process is an individual decision and driven by an interactive agreement with the practitioner respecting the needs and boundaries of each individual.

Therapy is an individually unique process; Personalised to each individual.

Confidentiality is a priority. Respect for the individual is highly valued and demonstrated by the practitioner communicating to meet the client wherever they are at.

Sometimes an individual is not ready to change. Their pain has bought them to therapy. Time and education are required to facilitate understanding, which often leads to the desire to explore deeper dynamics.

Through this process a trust and respect for the practitioner is formed. The therapist builds a deep understanding and respect for the dynamics of the client. The key to this process is the non-judgemental and safe environment.

The clinic provides a comfortable waiting room and therapy setting.

Overall the attendance of appointments is a positive empowering experience where discomfort is minimized wherever possible.

Generally appointments are available Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm.

For some therapy is enhanced by consistency of appointment times; for others the flexibility to accommodate their changing life schedule.

The modalities of therapy are also very flexible.

Face to face consultation is highly recommended where-ever possible – Ideally for at least the first appointment. Skype or telephone consultations are now available and can be reduced from the 50 minute face to face sessions to 30 minutes. Upon request 90 minute sessions can be arranged. Couple, family and group sessions are available in addition to 60 or 90 minute individual sessions. Chatting with the bookings team will allow you to explore the best option for you

Hypnosis is available upon request; this process is negotiated with the practitioner.

When now would be a great time to start this process? Fill in the contact page to arrange your first step in empowering your choice to change with The Conscious Psychologist – Kerry Deller.