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Are we what we think?

This question has been strongly debated with no black and white answer proven. It is almost like asking does the mind rule us and do we rule our mind?

Another way of exploring this concept is to consider there are many parts to anything. Often one is given the focus due to intensity/strength of its expression.

Our mind gets the attention as it is the strongest influences of our awareness.

From a young age we have been rewarded for paying attention to thinking. Sometimes at the consequence of our feelings.

This dynamic often creates a competition from what seems two conflicting parts of us.

Just imagine what it would be like to resolve this conflict. To create harmony between what we think and feel.

To experience what is known as congruence between the conscious and unconscious minds.

Like any conflict it is not possible to resolve at the level it is experienced. It is necessary to chunck up to the higher order.

Congruence is experienced when it is placed within the context of the entire individual.

Mindsets that commonly challenge us are expressed as:

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When now would be the best time to overcome these challenges.

Why wait for a crisis to drive the desire for change.

The most empowering point is choice.

Choose today to obtain the support and resources to resolve these issues.

Psychological process empower the exploration of deeper dynamics that drive these mindset.

Solid knowledge, skill and therapeutic process are provided within a nurturing and safe environment to overcome these mindsets.

Research has clearly highlighted the importance of a solid therapeutic bond in overcoming challenges.

Whatever the area of challenge you face – mild anxiety, concerning thoughts or intense fear. Psychological support can empower you to create the life you desire.


When now would be a great time to start this process?

Phone 07 3162 7041 to discuss any questions you might have regarding taking your first step in empowering your choice to change with The Conscious Psychologist – Kerry Deller