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Online options for coaching work extremely well.

This coaching has utilised online and phone sessions for many years with many proven benefits.


The easy and convince of being able to schedule a session to fit in with your busy life creates many beneficial options to the outcomes.

Time taken to leave home, travel, prepare, park etc can detract from the energy needed to engaging in the coaching session.  In this modern busy world, every moment counts.  So the choice to choose a modality and timeframe that works for you, enhances the coaching experience.


The option of video sessions via many modalities such as FaceTime, Zoom, Telegram, WhatsApp – just to suggest a few are plentiful.  

Some people however choose the privacy of a phone call and this can also work well.


The key is choosing a modality that works best for you.


Flexibility in appointment times is also available.


Some people enjoy a mixture of Face2Face and some online sessions.  The choice is yours.