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Are You Experiencing Stress or Distress?

A quick glance over of your last 24-48 hours will give great insight into how well you are coping in life.

During this timeframe you may have experienced some real challenges or maybe just the day-to-day’s of life. Regardless of the intensity of your challenges you will have experienced a level of stress.

Stress is your assessment based on 3 components:

1. You
2. Your environment (including others)
3. The interaction of a. and b.

Yes that sounds simple, put another way:

Stress is your appraisal of the demands that are required of you, the resources you perceive are available to you; and the role that you perceive is required of you.

This simple formulae is the determinant of stress. Change any one of the 3 and you change the dynamic of stress.

To some degree we need stress! The question is when does it go from stress that challenges and motivates us to distress that disempowers us?

What is it that causes this change? When does that happen? Who controls that?

In the simplest form the answer to all three is YOU. YOU are the most important person in your world, without you, your world does not exist.

How you see you determines how you see your world.

It has been said: “Where-ever you go – there you are!”

When now would be a great time to create a more empowering perception of you?

Move from distress to stress that motivates and empowers you.

Create a sense of control that is not based on the need to solely manipulate your environment.

Yes it is all about how you see you.

It’s all about doing the stock take of where you are giving your power away. Who or what today have you allowed to dictate your sense of you. We all have roles and responsibilities, some of these do not change. How we see ourselves within these roles is something that we have total control over.

Call today to explore how you can create a more empowered sense of self.

Move from disempowered states of distress to empowered states of motivation and confidence to challenge what no longer serves you.

When now would be a great time to start this process?

Phone 07 3162 7041 to discuss any questions you might have regarding taking your first step in empowering your choice to change with The Conscious Psychologist – Kerry Deller.

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