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What Happens When We Change?

There is nothing new under the sun.
What’s new is how you see it.

Change is commonly accepted as a process of becoming different. Difference can only be identified when it is compared to sameness. This premise infers sameness must be first present.

Why do we struggle with change?

Could it be impacted by the lack of comfort with what is?

The current discomfort is being used as the plumb-line for the change.

Our sense of self is compared to the sameness of something or someone? This comparative analysis can identify either a level of sameness or difference which leads to the desire for change.

Often this process is avoided until the discomfort of the present circumstances outweighs the risk of change.

The reason to desire change determines the sustainability of the outcome.

If it is to avoid something; while it may produce an outcome, it will be based on ensuring avoidance is maintained. This process is draining. Initially the focus is on what is gained, overtime the focus moves to what is being avoided.

A more empowering mindset is to focus upon what is desired. This creates high sustainability.

It is common to start with identifying what you don’t want. Therapy empowers individuals to explore the process of change in a safe way.

The goal is to move to more empowering and free state of mind and being. Where actions are based on creating what you do want. This process builds confidence and creates a sense of freedom and fulfilment.

In essence how you see you – is what changes. The rest is the response.

As we change how we see ourselves, we change how we interact with our world. This changed mindset ripples onto how the world responds to us.

Anxiety can be overcome;

Depression, that sense of helplessness and hopelessness, can be dissolved;

Long-standing behavioural responses are seen for what they truly are – a response to a deeper need. This need is then able to be specifically addressed.

Communication changes from defensiveness to hearing the other. Sometime this allows insight into deeper dynamics.

Perceptions of self are reframed.

Roles are clarified.

Choice is possible.

Empowerment is the outcome, regardless of the circumstances.

The art is in knowing what we want. The rest follows. Therapy provides the context and resources to explore this process.

Change occurs as a consequence of awareness that there is more than what is currently present. This can be on any level: Internal or external.

What would happen if we choose not to compare. Instead accepted what is as the basis for allowing change. Would the struggle to resist change dissolve into a natural desire to change?

When now would be the most empowering time to start the process of change?

Be empowered to choose change. Call or email to make your appointment with Kerry Deller – The Conscious Creative Coach.