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Group Sessions


Do you experience?
Excessive/ unrealistic worrying; Trembling
Churning stomach, Nausea, Diarrhea
Heart palpitations
Numbness or “pins and needles” in arms, hands or legs
Easily tiring
Concentration challenges
Muscle tension
Frequent urination
Trouble falling or staying asleep
Being easily startled
Panic attacks – chest pains, a sense of choking, shortness of breath, and dizziness in the absence of real health issues
Trauma and consequential experiences of re-occurring thoughts, feelings, & dreams and specific behavioral responses/desires?
Specifically avoiding people and places?
Social phobias – the fear of social interactions with others?
Closely monitoring your environment to ensure no further harm or damage occurs?
Finding yourself stuck focusing on not repeating the past?
Having a reduced sense of hope in your future?

The above list are some of the symptoms of anxiety.

The management of anxiety includes a range of resources.

These include the development of Healthy lifestyle choices such as:

  • Regular exercise
  • Healthy eating
  • Good sleep behaviors
  • Reduction of caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, specific drugs
  • Increasing support such as counselling and social interaction.

Research has clearly identified the above resources positively impact upon reducing the experience of anxiety.

Often one of the barriers to engaging in these resources is the motivation to get started and keep going.

The current group sessions specifically target these areas via solid psycho-education, and practical application in a fun and safe environment.

These sessions are tailored to meet the needs of individuals experiencing anxiety at any level. Multiple aspects of resources are provided to overcome common avoidance behaviors in a safe and fun way.

Group size will be limited to 10 maximum. This will allow for the opportunity to form friendships with individuals who are also challenged by anxiety.

These group sessions are 90 minutes and are broken into two sections

  1. 60 mins – Psycho-education and group interactions
  2. 20 minutes – Relaxation training
    1. The group sessions run for 5-6 consecutive weeks and are eligible for the group based mental healthcare plan Medicare rebates of $21.65 per session.
      * There are specific criteria required for eligibility of this rebate. 6 individuals must attend each session with a current group-based mental healthcare plan which also allows for 10 individual face to face sessions. Private payments are also most welcome.
    2. Relaxation Training: Practical application of the previous session
      The relaxation sessions are targeted at individuals who wish to gain confidence in learning to relax. These 20 minute sessions utilize a range of modalities including hypnosis and guided visualizations with Master Trainer and Hypnosis practitioner, Kerry Deller. Kerry is highly experience is group based meditations. This is a separate 20 minute session complimenting the hour group-based anxiety psycho-education session. The perfect way to end your group session, being totally relaxed and focused.

The financial investment is $100 per 90 minute session. (60 minutes Psychological Session + 20 Relaxation Session). Fee reductions may be negotiated in genuine financial hardship.

Group sessions add an extra dimension to individual therapy and have solid evidence of greater treatment gains when complimenting individual sessions.

When now would be a great time to start this process?

Phone 07 3162 7041 to discuss any questions you might have regarding taking your first step in empowering your choice to change with The Conscious Psychologist – Kerry Deller.