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Defining the Difference Between Stress, Anxiety and Depression

How do you know whether you are stressed, anxious or depressed?

What does it matter what you call it, when you are disempowered you are stuck – right. Life seems to not be humming the way you would like. There is all this noise that is getting your attention. The melody of life cannot be heard. Your heart does not sing a beautiful song. Thoughts, feelings and behaviors are not moving in the right direction. Does it matter what you call it – It’s not working!

It has been said: “A problem well stated is a problem half solved”.

If that is the case, then it does matter what it is that is weighing you down.

What is the difference between stress, anxiety and depression?

Stress is your assessment of you. If you perceive that more is demanded of you than you have the resources to cope. You experience Stress. This can be compounded by the perception of the role you play in the dynamic. If you perceive it is your fault or responsibility; that puts you in the center of the equation. This creates a sense of distress.

Anxiety is when you move from stress to a sense of fear. It is a state of fearing the fear, this is what creates the anxiety. It is like going into the future, imaging what could happen, coming back to now and living out of that fear. It is the “What If’s”. The thoughts and the feelings that something could happen. It is like someone wound up the toy train and put it on the train track – it just goes.

Depression is that state of being stuck. A sense of hopeless and helplessness.The black cloud that settles over you. Preventing you seeing and feeling the sunshine.

These three states are independent. You can experience just one or two or sometimes all three. There are varying degrees of intensity which can change according to external and internal dynamics.

These states are your experience and as such greatly impact upon you.

Many external and internal dynamics can influence your experience. Sometimes the stressors in life can build up and create distress, this can lead to over analyzing and fear, which can lead to feelings of being stuck. Sometimes this can reach points of varying dysfunction.

Sometimes support is needed to unpack these dynamics. A neutral safe space and listening ear, away from the harsh internal critics of self-analysis, fear and worry. Verbalizing ones thoughts and feelings has long been identified as a valuable resource.

Whatever stage in this dynamic you find yourself in you can change.

Often early intervention can prevent compounding the issues and with the right resources create the empowering states you desire.

Call today to explore how you can create that safe space to unpack these dynamics.

When now would be the best time to choose that change? Create the life you desire.

When now would be a great time to start this process?

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